The Global Perspective of Spoken Word Artist Too Black

Spoken word artist Too Black has a lot to say about being Black in America. But the story of how he first started as a poet might have as much to do with pizza delivery as with race. Too Black didn’t get a lot of tips when delivering pizzas on the Ball State...

Geeky Press Podcast

“Continuing our trip through the vast and interesting Indianapolis writing scene, Indianapolis spoken word artist Too Black stopped by the Jam to talk about how he developed his journey from student journalist to a spoken word performer, how he developed his writing voice, and how he’s gotten comfortable challenging all the assumptions people hold”

TOO BLACK on Grey Area Media Podcast

“April is the month of Poetry, so tune in as we dim the lights and salute “Poetry” with amazing and talented poets such as Manon Voice and Too Black, whom will bring us some of the best poetry you have ever heard!!”

TOO BLACK on connecting hip-hop and activism – Nuvo

“Indianapolis poet, activist and spoken word artist Too Black creates work that merges critical analysis of history and current events with a perspective drawn from the language and culture of hip-hop. Too Black is one of the most impressive performers….”

TOO BLACK Workshop and Performance @ OSU

“As part of the workshop, participants created their own spoken word poetry – and one participant even performed as part of the evening’s event! TOO BLACK explained propaganda and counter-propaganda, and how spoken-word poetry can be a form of counter-propaganda.”

TOO BLACK on AfroPunk

Watch “unapologetically black” Spoken word poet Too Black’s satirical poem, ‘#WhiteLivezMatter’. A poem that seeks to “expose the absurdity behind the misnomer known as ‘Reverse Racism’ within the political climate of the #BlackLivesMatter Movement”.

3 Indy spoken word nights you need to see

It should be noted, V.O.W. host Styxx is humble – he mentions he wouldn’t even put himself on a top three list of spoken word performers in Indianapolis, instead giving nothing but love, gratitude, and those top spots to notable contemporary performers Januarie York, Too Black, and Theon Lee.

“Easily the best female performer in the state, the heart of the spoken word movement,” says Styxx of York. “All three are the soul of the movement. If I were on that list of the best in Indianapolis, it’s because of those performers that I am even here.”

Speaking Out

Indianapolis is known for a lot of things—sports, visual arts, and even music—but not poetry. These three Indiana natives are working to change that. In a city that has suffered multiple levels of artistic division, Tony Styxx, Too Black, and Januarie York are working to pass their legacy on to an up-and-coming generation of artists.

Not Speaking of Spoken Word

One of the younger full-time poets in the Indianapolis area, TOO BLACK has a growing and dedicated following in the scene. Known for combining sharp humor, social commentary and an uninhibited flow to shine a light on out-of-sight, out-of-mind issues, TOO BLACK feels the Indy poetry scene is in desperate need of a boost. “There’s no unified front in Indianapolis. That’s why there’s a lot of venues closing.”