TOO BLACK is a spoken word poet, public speaker, activist and educator based in Indianapolis, IN. The name TOO BLACK developed as a challenge to society on the perceptions of blackness and humanity especially in the United States. Influenced by a wide variety of artists and historical figures – from Malcolm X to Gore Vidal, from George Carlin to Audre Lorde – TOO BLACK fuses these multiple perspectives, his life exploration and passionate performance bringing them to life on the stage. His working dialogue draws from personal experiences, historical and current events and the culture of Hip Hop in which he was born. He describes his performance as a “conversation” in which he talks with his audiences and connects their shared experiences. Connectivity is a central feature within all of TOO BLACK’s engagements.

TOO BLACK has been performing poetry professionally for almost a decade. He successfully launched his own college tour called Education Redefined 101: Tips, Fees, and Degrees.  ER 101 has provided an opportunity for TOO BLACK to perform at a wide variety of colleges and universities including UCLA, NYU, and Princeton University among a plethora of more.

Overall, TOO BLACK has headlined venues throughout the country in over 20 states including the historical Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City, Jus Words in Philadelphia, Soul Speaks in Chicago, and Busboys & Poets in D.C.  In 2015 his spoken word was featured in the online magazine AfroPunk.

In 2016 TOO BLACK launched a poetry tour in South Africa performing in Joberg Theater, The Cape Town Open Book Festival, and the University of Capetown as a part of several other locations. TOO BLACK considers his experience in South African a political reawakening that he has already begun sharing here in the states teaching workshops on the international anti-apartheid struggle.

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